My son’s paintings

On one of our last trips we bought some prints that reproduced several famous paintings. The idea was to frame some and place them on various walls of the house, especially in the bedroom where we have a hole in the wall for an electrical connection that we are not using. It gives a strange impression to walk into the bedroom and see that little hole. But the truth is, we are a bit lazy and we have left it and the hole was still there, until my son had a great idea.

At school they tend to do a lot of manual work. It seems that the child quite likes all that painting, cutting, pasting and so on. At school they use everything from recycling cardboard, boxes, buttons, elastic band, etc. When he comes home with one of those projects, he arrives super happy and shows it to us with great pride. It is clear that he enjoys it. But, in addition, he wants us to exhibit it at home. Most of the shelves, tables and windows are decorated with things that he has made.

And that’s how one day he told me to put one of his «pictures» where the hole was. He saw me testing one of the films we had bought. It must be that he did not like it very much or that he considers his work to be better, but he told me that he had to do his thing. Everything that we do not ‘expose’ at home we keep in a drawer. So I went to look and I was selecting.

I was left with a project that he had made with a colored elastic tape that hung from a cardboard on which something similar to a forest was painted. It seems to me that it was a spring-related job. The truth is that it was quite cool for being very original. I believe that if you sneak it into an avant-garde art exhibition, viewers would admire it. I did some tests to see how it could look on the famous hole wall and it looked cool, with the colored ribbons hanging over the bed. I’ll have to start looking for a dealer for my son …