Green footprints

Commitment to a better world must be present in all aspects of life. Achieving a better, less polluted and more livable world is everyone’s job. For many people this is directly related to respect for animals and their way of understanding it is to avoid using all kinds of food or materials that have an animal origin.

For this reason, it is increasingly common to find vegan food shelves in large and small supermarkets, but also with other types of items unthinkable until now, such as vegan shoes online. But what are vegan shoes? For starters, these are shoes made with synthetic materials, that is, they do not have an animal origin. The so-called ecological leather is one of the most used materials.

Ecological leather is a type of imitation leather that, in many cases, is also recyclable. This makes it totally respectful not only with animals, but also with the environment. But the material of the shoe is not the only thing that is taken into account in its manufacture, also the soles, which are usually made of rubber, must meet these characteristics.

The threads that are used to sew the product or the glues to join the rubber of the soles to the shoe must also be vegan and ecological as much as possible, so as not to contaminate the planet more than necessary. And, of course, also the laces, brooches, zippers or other materials.

Of course, the design of these shoes is also very important. They must be according to the fashions and trends of the moment since otherwise they are not going to permeate the population and will only be sold to highly conscientious people who prioritize the fact of being vegans over everything else. And, over time, not even to them since there are more and more alternatives on the market to buy modern and very attractive vegan shoes.

That is why manufacturers are increasingly offering attractive vegan alternatives. And shoes cannot be the exception. There are many who associate this footwear with military-style boots or sports boots, which are comfortable and widely used by the youngest, the most followers of these trends. But they are not the only options. It is even possible to find very sexy and totally vegan high-heeled shoes on the market.