The Directorate General of Fine Arts and Cultural Assets and of Archives and Libraries of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, along with the Sub-Directorate General of Library Coordination is organising the 8th National Congress of Public Libraries which will be held in Toledo on 16 and 17 November 2016 based around the concept of libraries as a physical and virtual space.

To organise the event, they had collaboration from the Castilla La Mancha Regional Government, the Council of Toledo, and support from the Autonomous Communities, the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) and professional library associations.

This edition of the Congress will be dedicated to new trends in relation to the physical and virtual spaces of public libraries, with a special emphasis on the new uses and services demanded by an increasingly technological society.

Traditionally, public libraries have functioned effectively as social spaces, far beyond the mere function of simply accessing collections of books and other materials. The social function of public libraries has always been a matter of key importance, however it is true that it is now time to take another step forward in order to adapt to the changes and reading habits of our users. These changes involve adapting spaces or creating new ones -physical and virtual- that are more open, accessible and integrating.

The content of the Congress will revolve around these two themes:

The physical spaces of libraries. We are facing a paradigm shift within our professional sector: from library management from the point of view of the collection, we must now move, if we have not already done so, to another type focused on services and cultural management. We will look at the issue of what new needs users have and the new services that are being introduced to satisfy them. In short, we will discuss how this paradigm shift is affecting the physical spaces of libraries.

The virtual space of public libraries. Public libraries are offering an increasing number of virtual services and applications as part of a digital strategy, aware of the importance of having a presence in virtual environments. There will be discussion about what is being done and what can be done in this sector, with a special emphasis on questions such as the reuse of information in libraries, how social networks are transforming interaction and communication with our users, services based on local digital content or generated around digital lending in libraries, services provided through mobile devices, etc.

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